I represent a developing Towage Company operating in Middle East, I have seen your company's advertise, we are looking the possibility to use crew from your country, at the moment we are using Ukrainian, Bulgarian, and Some local Crews and we are considering to use your agency to fulfill our needs on crew. Our vessels are Offshore Support Vessels and most of our vessels are Tugs (Twinscrew, VSP and ASD), Supply Boat, Crew Boat, and Utility Vessel. Tour length for Master is 1 to 2 months, Officer is 3 months and rating is 6 months. I appreciate if you could you send me your company profile including the proposal (ASAP) with a figure of available system you might offer that we might be interested, so we can get a picture on your service and how much your service will cost us (effectiveness on costs will be highly highlighted), we might work something out.

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